5 things that show Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is very different from the kind of love that most people have. It is more of a behaviour than a feeling. It is the satisfaction of the feeling you get when you act a certain way for your loved one.

  1. Ask yourself, am i truly acting with the best love i can give this person.

  2. Caring about the happiness of the other person without any thought of what we might get back for ourselves. Its unconditional love when your partner cares about your happiness.

  3. Unconditional love is not a loan. When you love someone unconditionally you shouldn’t expect to get some sort of reward back. It is a gift from the heart.  

  4. Forgiveness – You should forgive in advance if you love your partner unconditionally. It’s a truly difficult act that come from within. If you don’t forgive you are left with a burden in your heart. Therefore forgiveness start from you first before you can forgive another.

  5. Acts of forgiveness  – don’t make your partner feel bad by reminding them about their wrong doings of the past. Unconditional love is always staying positive and also having a blind eye to the mistakes of the past. What is done is done and you should always look forward to the future.

Unconditional love is not a given but having the believe that someone truly loves you and also giving true love benefits the relationship and improves every moment of the day.